About Us

We are a technology company that specializes in integrations within the FINTECH world, creating unique and dynamic ecosystems.


We like to be constantly on the go, we feel young and naturally AGILE.

Our reason for being

To be protagonists within the Fintech industry, using technology as a transforming medium, preserving an organizational culture that understands the value of people as the engine of change.

More than 50 clients in LATAM

More than 200 Fintech integrations built

More than 100 members building solutions


These values define who WE ARE based on 6 pillars

Working Environment

We build it together. We motivate ourselves and share a purpose.

Cooperation and Fellowship

The whole is more than the sum of the parts There is a team! Each one counts and fulfills a role. We cooperate. We help us.


We make our way by walking. We propose, create, execute, measure and decide. We also fall and get back up.


We give more than 100% from ourselves. We love what we do. We take risks and face results.


We are much more than two. We accept, we look each other and we find ourselves.

Trust and Communication

We treat each partner as we would treat a friend. We put the manuals aside and we put ourselves in every situation

749 De Mayo Av. 

Buenos Aires – Argentina

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